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ey, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> if you've ever stepped in poop you know how gross it is when people don't clean up after their dogs. well, one apartment complex in plano, texas, requiring dog owners to submit a dna sample.
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if there's poop around the complex, they do dna tests and the culprit has to pay a $250 fine. >> that's technology working to better mankind. >> i thought it was over the top, but they took it to a new level. >> good to have you. >> "america live" is now. >> a fox news alert on the showdown over the debt ceiling. house republicans shifting gears allowing new plans to allow the government to keep borrowing money for several more months preventing a first default on u.s. obligations that could come a week from today. there's a catch. welcome to "america live," i'm in for megyn kelly today. the legislation would require lawmakers to pass a budget and if they don't, they don't get paid. a vote is scheduled for tomorrow and house republicans hope this will prod senate democrats to pass a budget in more than four years. and the president will not
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block this, but the administration is not thrilled with such a short-term plan. >> we support the idea that the deficit ought not to be a political football that, by becoming that does damage to our economy. so we would clearly, we want to see the debt ceiling sort of removed from the process of the very important debates that we have over what we pay for, how much revenue we bring in, how we get our fiscal house in order in a way that helps the economy grow. >> and chris stirewalt is our politics digital editor and house of power play on live. and this is a clever way to get the senate democrats to do their job. >> sneaky pete. and the idea is it does two things, gets the republicans on what they would rather fight with the president
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about. continuing resolution funding the government, number one and two, the automatic cuts, they call the sequester that are part of the 2011 debt ceiling deal. they want to address those, because they think that they can use those more efficaciously without harming the economy than with the debt ceiling kicking it down the road a few months and say that is a nuclear option kind of thing in the end and getting the president to yield and accept some cuts now that have hanging over his head, t president doesn't want that and. >> megyn: forget this is the job you were hired to do, the only way that you might get senate democrats to vote on a budget they haven't done in almost four years is to hit them in the pocket book. >> well, and a lot of senators are very rich. a lot of millionaires in that club and mark warner probably won't cry any tears losing the weekly check. for some of them that will
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hurt a lot and this is the important part, it would be humiliating, embarrassing to get your pay docked for not doing the job. the senate will not want to pass legislation like that, since it's attached to the debt ceiling and the president made a big deal out of increasing the debt ceiling it will be hard pressed to block it and hard pressed to delay. as you get closer anxiety over the fight itself as bad as the outcome in some cases. >> of course, the republicans wanted the raising of the debt ceiling attached to spending cuts and they ended up not insisting on that. is that a dangerous about-face for them? >> well, the old saying in military circles, survive and advance. the republicans have to survive so that it they can continue to advance. you heard the very bold statements from the president in his inaugural address yesterday where he talked about same things, marriage, global warming, all of these issues, gun control that are tough totes that are a big
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deal. and republicans know as soon as they break or the fever is broken on this fiscal problem, then the president's going to start pushing them on the social issues and the other liberal wish list items. so the president is perfectly content, i think, to keep the president from going from fiscal impasse to fiscal impasse, bet chance to get cut and keeps him swinging a bigger stick. >> what about spending cuts? >> we've heard so much about it during the presidential election and now that the president has been gnawiinaugurd for the second term. how much leverage do the republicans have. and the president didn't touch on either of those thing in his inaugural address. >> he made clear in his inaugural address he was not, the cuts in medicare and social security, and newest entitlement, middle class health insurance entitlement. he made it clear he doesn't want to do that and that's where the republicans want to go, because those are, and this is agreed and the president use today point this
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out the biggest drivers of deficits and debt. he's drawing a line he's not going to go there. republicans will be-hard pressed to go there, but at least in their point of view, hold on the line of spending and not go up as much as it was supposed to. >> and chris, you mentioned this only lasts until may 18th. is that what we can expect now days from our lawmakers, forever of the kicking of the can down the field and do we only-- the best we can hope for is a three-month extension? >> well, look, it's true that we have a deeply dysfunctional government. there is no-- there is bipartisan agreement on that, but there's also this to remember, we have an ideological chasm between the house and the president and you have the most liberal kind of speech possible from the president and the house is more conservative than it was after the last election and they are miles and miles apart and it's very hard to find common ground when one side thinks that spending more is the answer and the other side
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thinks that cutting is the answer, long ways between those points of view. >> you make a great point chris stirewalt. thank you for joining us. and the second begins his second term with new reports raising serious questions for his plans for the future. top advisors say that president obama's strategy is somehow intended to split the republican party just in time to impact the 2014 mid term elections and we'll take a closer look in the next hour. the white house preparing today for secretary of state hillary clinton to testify tomorrow regarding the deadly september 11th attack on our consulate in libya. secretary clinton will appear before the house foreign affairs committee. she had been scheduled to testify last month, but she could not do so after she was hospitalized after suffering that concussion. her appearance likely to be her last before congress. republicans are expected to grill her about what she knew about the attack and when she knew it and some charged that the administration deliberately tried to hide the
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attack linked to al-qaeda. and chris stevens and three others killed in the attacked. we learned that ambassador stephens sent a cableunreibilit security. and housing front, the number of husband homes in 2012, sold, grows to the highest level in five years, but confidence among those in the building sector remains weak. james rosen with more on what it means to home owners across the nation hi, james. >> reporter: as always, an it's a year to year jumped. for existing whom sales, not newly built ones. lots of evidence pointing to a still uneven recovery for the housing sector. national association of realtors reports existing home sales fell by a percentage point last month. even though the rate of such
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sales stood almost ten points higher than the year before. the average home price stands just above 180,000 dollars and that, too, is a big jump over the year before, almost 12 points. yet, builder confidence, according to the national association of home builders, wells fargo survey, has flatlined at 47 this month. sure, it's at the highest level since april of 2006, but it's also the first time in eight months that it failed to grow and you have to wonder why, since the commerce department reported last week that home builders broke ground in december at a rate 12 points higher than the month before. still, mortgage rates remain low, and the available inventory of homes for sale is at its lowest in nearly eight years leading most experts to predict bluer skies ahead. >> right now our housing barometer which looks at several indicators tells us that the recovery is about halfway back to normal. that's from the worst point during the bust around three
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years ago, back to the long-term historical normal levels. we still have a long way to go and it's taken his three years to get halfway and feels better than anyone thought it would be at this point. >> and what would really help the housing sector take off again, is that congress and the president as you were just discussing ali would come to terms on the debt and take other steps to improve the employment picture, ali. >> let's not hold our breath for that, james rosen, thanks for that outlook. >> thank you, alisyn. >> there's a new fight across our southern border against mexico's deadly drug cartel. some civilians are apparently taking matters into their own hands forming their own vigilante police forces. trace gallagher is live from our west coast news room with more, hey, trace. >> reporter: you had this oxymoron going on in mexico, the drug gangs are responsible for the increase in violence and the drug gangs largely extorting people to keep them safe from the increase in
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violence. so a lot of towns and villages across southern mexico are fed up and now creating their own bands of vigilantes, these are masked men as you see there, riding around in the back of a truck looking for los malos or the bad guys. and one vigilante says they're not against those distributing drugs, a way for them to earn a living. what we are against is them messing with the local people. so for now, and i stress for now, vigilantes in many towns are doing something the army, state and federal police have not been able to do, which is keep the drug gangs away, at least for now. but the vigilantes are badly outmanned, badly outgunned, the cartels have state of the art weapons and vigilantes as you can see carry old shotguns and rifles and don't have any money. so, the vigilantes volunteer and mostly work for small donations and some food. the governor of guerrero has offered to give them uniforms, but they would prefer it if
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they were anonymous, which is why they wear the masks, they do not want the cartels to target their families and they do arrest some of the l los malos, the bad guys, ali, they don't know where to put them. they don't trust the jails and court system they consider a largely corrupt. >> wow, desperate times call for desperate measures. trace. and new concerns that the president's inaugural address failed to address one of our economic challenges and when the president first took office, we'll ask lou dobbs why that issue failed to get more attention and why some fox are throwing cold water on what the president considers some of his biggest accomplishments. and as golfing champ phil mickleson apologizes for his state's tax plan and you can be charged two-thirds like he is no matter what you earn. and one student's dream and
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>> britain ace prince harry wrapping up his latest tour in afghanistan, an interview released of the 28-year-old prince, well, they show him describing his job as a co-pilot and gunner in a heavily armed apache helicopter. then at one point the interview was interrupted when duty called. let's take a look. you see harry, speaking to a journalist, and then he has to rip off his microphone as he races toward the helicopter and the prince revealed that he did in fact fire on enemy fighters. >> lots of people have to--
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the main thing for us, we some straight overhead and any insurgent attack and look a-- >> there's prince harry's second deployment to afghanist afghanistan. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. knowing that the the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> alisyn: there's a growing debate why the president's inaugural address barely addressed one of the challenges today, the economy. unemployment remains the same, 7.8%, as it did when the president took office, 12.2 million people are unemployed
10:18 am
right now. that's up 164,000 from the the previous month. 14.4% of americans are either unemployed or underemployed though in lower paying jobs than they want. fox business network, lou dobbs is the host of lou dobbs tonight. nice to see you. the president talks in his inaugural address about immigration, he talks about climate change, he talks about gay rights. he talked not at all about unemployment. he did occasionally mention jobs. are you surprised by the tone of the subject? >> all that he talked about is certainly important to the country, to the american people, but nothing will have greater impact on the principal issue facing the american people about which they are most concerned, than is the economy, the budget deficit, than restoring prosperity. he did not for a moment suggest a tone that would be strong and positive leadership for the next four years, he
10:19 am
did not for even a moment. not even just a hesitation layout a plan for the future to restore economic growth above 3%, to bring 23 million unemployed people back to dignity and to work. in that, i don't understand how in the world the man could stand there and not extend to it those millions of people the hope that their dignity will be restored, that they will have an opportunity to live the american dream. he talked about the middle class and at the same time dismissed them. >> well, he did talk about for a moment new technology, not wanting other countries to get the jump on-- it sounds like a prayer, doesn't it? it doesn't sound like a plan. >> it sounded as though, he thinks, if we focused on new technology that that will help put people back to work and will allow america to be number one in that arena. >> we are number one in that arena. we are, and it is a -- it's
10:20 am
just a fact of technology, than to greater the advancement be, the lesser reliance on human capital and that is not the way forward to restore jobs, to restore prosperity in and of itself, very important component, but it isn't a response to the issue of jobs itself. innovation, yes, entrepreneurialism, yes, but he mention small business either and that's a crucible which new identifies of formed and tested and jobs are created primarily. >> alisyn: what do you wish he would have said? >> i wish he would have said this is a time for us to come together. that he's keenly aware of the same conflicts and contradictions in our domestic policy as any republican, as any conservative and that he's going to move forward. having set aside, as he could have, that he had taken the issue of gay marriage, that he had taken the issue you know,
10:21 am
any number of issues, and move them to the side where they are, as far as he's concerned, finished business and the american people are resolved on it it and move to a global competitive marketplace in which we lag. education he simply said education, as if saying education or saying economy means prosperity, and education means knowledge. it doesn't. and the frustrating thing is, he's not leading on these issues. >> alisyn: as you said, unemployed today is 7.8%, the same as what it was when president obama took office, the real number, i don't have to tell you is much higher. people who are underemployed and they don't have this job in their career track. >> we'll put that number in some context. labor force participation the same as when he took office in 2009, that it's above 65%, that number would be-- well, be almost 10 1/2%. 10 1/2% and include those
10:22 am
discouraged and left the workplace, the number rises to the 14.4%. >> alisyn: 14 1/2, right. lou dobbs we'll watch you on the fox business network. >> you have a deal. thanks, good to see you. >> alisyn: a growing scandal in ohio after investigation that the largest school district finds 53,000 final grades for students were changed from failing to passing. wait until you hear who is apparently behind this and why. and a terrified woman escapes a kidnapper on pounds on the door on the house with three young children at home alone. and they let her in and what happened next is right out of a horror movie. how they saved her life as the suspect tried to smash his way into the home. it's a story you don't want to miss. >> i opened the door and she asked me if my parents are home. i told her no. and then she's like, well, a guy just kidnapped me and is going to try to kill me. it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate!
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>> a heart warming reunion now for a soldier and her little girl. the two had been apart more than a year while mom was in afghanistan. when veronica blackwell suddenly showed up at her daughter's school. look at the reaction there. it was a surprise to everyone. and well, her sister's boyfriend who helped plan this whole thing says their reunion was a long time in coming and let's listen to him and her veronica's daughter explain what no child should have to go through. >> it's indescribable, being away from someone you love with all your heart, like a mom. and she missed birth of her grandkids and i know the sacrifice personally for my family and just seeing the sacrifice from her family and makes everything worth it.
10:27 am
>> what are your fears when she's away. >> that she doesn't get shot or something. because i miss her snoof a. >> alisyn: she's spend the next two weeks with her family before heading off for the remaining year and a half of her service. explosive allegations against columbus ohio's public schools, a local paper reporting that 53,000 final grades were changed from failing to passing. and trace gallagher is live in whose lost with more, how did this happen, trace. >> reporter: they're be checking out every school district in ohio, ali. the problem is, columbus happens to be the biggest and got 50,000 students. look at this, mentioned 50,000 students in district-wide and 311,000 total grades were changed. now, some of those were the worst and some from the better
10:28 am
we don't know, and the previous grade was deleted altogether. there you said the bottom number, 5,300 changed. and one principal alone changed nearly 500 from fail to pass. and there's an investigation underway. changing grades we know is not standard procedure and sometimes clerical errors and they want to make sure that the district isn't scrubbing the student roles, in other words, withdrawing students with high absentee rates and low test scores so they don't count against the average of the school overall, right, so the school gets a better grade. remember, schools are all graded test levels, and if a school is a-plus and the absentee rate is low and grades are high, guess what, gets more money, they want to make sure that the school isn't angling, or the district isn't angling.
10:29 am
>> alisyn: thank you for the interview. one of the world's top golfer back peddling or comments about taxes. should he have to apologize, and exactly is fair share. controversy over a scanner that allows people to check a person's fingerprints from just about anywhere, is this legal? judge napolitano is on the case. declaration of battle, we'll ask a panel about the president's messaging in his inaugural address and what it tells us about the next four years. >> for we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.
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call the number on your screen. [♪...] ♪ >> we have breaking developments out of israel now. where voting in the general election is underway for america's biggest miss east ally and voting to put benjamin netanyahu back in office. if he does win, the new coalition is expected to be even more hawkish than his current one potentially putting them on a path to continued negotiations over a palestinian state and likely creating further disagreements with some of their allies here in the u.s. well, we have new reaction to the president's inaugural address. while these speeches typically call for national unity, some
10:34 am
say this one sounded more like a thinly veiled attack launched from the presidential podium at his political opponents, let's listen. >> we believe that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. we do not believe in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky or happiness for the few. the commitments we make to each other through medicare, medicaid, social security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of takers, they free us to take the risks that make this country great. we, the people, still believe that enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war. we do know the substitute
10:35 am
spectacle for politics and treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> alisyn: well, chris plante is the host of the chris plante show. and let's get into the knitty gritty. the president used the word together several times in his speech. he said we are moving forward together. did you hear a unifying speech? >> yes, i absolutely do. i mean, this is the first president to ever-- chris is laughing, okay, how can i disagree already? i haven't said it yet, chris. the president, as the first president ever to mention gays. the president, i think, really is being realistic how divided we are as a nation and clearly stating, we're not going to accept political differences as an excuse for not getting things done. this is what you elected me to do and this is the foreshadowing certainly of the state of union and what he
10:36 am
plans to do and i think he plans to be much stronger and using more executive orders and how he has, without having to go through congress to the future. >> alisyn: chris, what did you hear in the speech? >> he hopes to unify the left, the far left, the extreme left and the radical left, in a coalition he will use to divide the country along lines of race, class, gender, sexual preference, whether you're an immigrant or not an immigrant, and it's going to be a rolling fist fight between now and the mid term election, that's what he indicated because he knows he cannot get this radical agenda through with republicans in control of the house and he knows that he needs to seize control of the house in the mid term elections so that he can advance his agenda, otherwise he has no hope of doing that. the standard method and the tactics used by president obama and those of his ilk for that matter is to-- the standard is to divide the country and pit us against one another and pick fights as to
10:37 am
as they euphemistically saw, draw a contrast between he, and enemies, he refers not opponents on the other side of the aisle and it's going to be, you thought you've seen division over the last four years, the president has promised to triple down on it and make it it much more severe. >> alisyn: so you heard very different speeches. let's dive down into some of the exact things the president said and see if we can parse them. we reject the belief that america must choose caring for our he will de elderly and our children. can we do both? can we afford to pay the entitlements for the elderly as well as invest in our next generation, as he says, leslie? >> yi don't think what he was taying that it needs to be a choice and has thob a choice. wh
10:38 am
to be a choice and there are people out there, elderly people who called on my radio show, and offended that they're somebody with their hand out or entitled. we decided in america to care for our elderly, i don't know about you, but my social security check is going to be about $200 a month and not going to buy me a corner in a garage in a city or heck, suburb or rural town at this point. and the reality we have as a nation have set up a system to take care of people and we can't just mock them and turn them away. that's more of what i heard the president saying. >> alisyn: okay. >> we have a responsibility to take care of the elderly. >> alisyn: okay. >> it doesn't mean that big government takes care of everyone, it means we work together as a nation and that's unifying, chris. >> alisyn: chris, what did you hear when you heard the president say we reject choosing to take care of the elderly and investing in our next generation. >> you've got to choose to
10:39 am
provide government programs that are affordable and the president chooses everything. you know, if you must choose one from column a and one-- he takes all of column a, all of column b, all of column c and says let's somebody else start. your callers who are older people, this is another straw man that's been set up by the democrats, nobody's calling a social security recipient a mooch or saying that they are leaching off of the system. what we're trying to do on the rational side of the aisle have a civil and adult conversation what is affordable and what is knows. barack obama pretends that you can expand on medicare and medicaid and cut from it and social security, and continue to expand the nationallized student loan proposition and give everyone free birth control and free everything else. he's buying votes, picking
10:40 am
fights and he knows it's unaffordable and pretending that it's not when we know it is. he avoided national security, we had hostages killed in algeria, he didn't talk about job creation, you can't do this when nobody's working and this is farce. >> alisyn: the inaugural speech is to look at brighter days ahead and not talk about things plaguing us. but on that note. thank you so much for the debate and sharing what you heard from the speech. meanwhile, as washington debates gun rights for legal owners we ask inmates where they got their illegal weapons and if armed citizens help reduce crimes. their answers might surprise you. plus, heart break for a hero of the greatest generation, his home was vandalized. his late wife's belongings were ruined. and who would do this to a decorated world war ii veteran.
10:41 am
>> she was dating him, and lance armstrong's former girlfriend cheryl crowe speaks out. ♪ in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> lance armstrong's former fiancee is speaking out in an interview that will air tonight. singer cheryl crowe tells entertainment tonight that she caught bits and pieces of his doping confession to oprah and tells that honesty is always the best bet and that the the truth will set you free. crowe and armstrong dated from 2003-2006 and during that time armstrong won two of his now tainted titles. there's no word yet on how much cheryl crosheryl crow knew his cheating and she was reportedly named in documents submitted to the anti-doping agency. hall of fame golfer phil
10:45 am
mickleson making headlines off the links, second highest paid professional athlete. according to sports illustrated appears to be threatening to relocate thanks to his home state's new tax laws. now, sunday interview, mickelson said, quote, if you add up all the federal and look at the disability and the unemployment and the social security and the state, my tax rate is 62 or 63%. so, i've got to make some decisions on what i'm going to do. while he has since apologized or backed off of that, there's a growing debate over whether that was really necessary given the idea that any american could be taxed for nearly two-thirds of their wealth. stuart varney on the fox business network, joins me now, hi, stu. >> this is outrageous. >> alisyn: phil mickleson as we say one of the highest earnings athletes on earth. according to the new york times last year, he made 48 million dollars. >> right. >> alisyn: he's saying he doesn't want more than half of it it taken away. >> why is he apologizing?
10:46 am
since when has an american who's made his own money, stand up and apologize because he complained about the extraordinary rate of tax he's paying. the left essentially forced him into this apology, he they beat him up real bad they said you've got to pay up, shut up and stay put in california. i'll give you the example of professor len berman, a university professor in syracuse, he says that mickleson should consider himself lucky and sop whining and give thanks he's making this money. in other words, no reward for talent, drive, hard work and ambition. no, no, the government is going to take 2/3 of it if you're successful. >> alisyn: isn't it interesting, during the presidential election you heard about the 39%, the highest wage earners, their taxes going up to 39% and that was repeated over and over and
10:47 am
phil mickleson proves it's much higher than 39%. and we have a graph, we know the taxes that he will be paying, federal tax, because president obama is reelected about go up to 39.6%, his state tax, california, up to 13.3%. his city and local tax outside of san diego, 8%, we don't know whether he pays in social security or in property tax, but imagine that it's very high and his sales tax, 7.25% in california for everything he buys and on and on and you understand why he thinks he's paying 62 or 63% of his income. >> well, he is, that's exactly what he's doing. and this is 63%, 63 cents on the dollar of his income. that figure does not include his property taxes, his utility taxes, his telephone taxes and the rest of it. now, what is to stop him jumping ship? why doesn't he just cross the state line, go into nevada, why doesn't he go to texas? texas has no state income tax, if he did that he'd be saving
10:48 am
himself 13.3% of everything he makes over a million dollars. that's a lot of money. >> alisyn: he has since backed off his comments as you said people came done on him for talking about this he says now he doesn't have a quote, definitive plan and his apology says he should not have spokesen out about taxes, his income it's a very personal thing. >> hold on he apologized to people that he upset or offended. since when has had an american with talent, brains, drive, ambition, makes good, why should you apologize for making money? why should you apologize for complaining that the government is taking two-thirds of your income? i just don't think that's legit. >> alisyn: it's so interesting, stu, because again, during the presidential election, the real debate between mitt romney and barack obama was that the rich should pay their fair share, it was time for the rich to pay their fair share and they should pay 39%, and this is the perfect illustration, phil mickleson
10:49 am
has sort of embodied the illustration at some point for the uber wealthy, they're human too, people too, it has diminishing returns. he was at one point he says some of the drastic changes he might have to make moving, but he might consider retiring because diminishing returns to pay that much of your income. >> it was for tax reasons that he did not take a stake in the san diego padres, the baseball team. he was considering an orinship, part ownership of the team he backed away because of the tax implications because of the rising taxes in california his actions were because of the tax rate he saw coming at him. the economy is negatively affected. >> alisyn: stu varney, i feel it, stu. >> thanks to yo, alisyn. >> alisyn: a boeing dreamliner is turning into a public relations nightmare and now what could be causing the
10:50 am
787's problems. a terrified woman escapes a kidnapper and pounds on the door after house with the young children home alone. they let her in and what happens next will give you chills. >> and screaming and then went wild. >> when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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>> we have a fox news alert for you now because we are getting unconfirmed reports of a shooting at a school in texas. you're looking at live pictures out of texas. we're listening a little to the chopper pilot there where we're hearing reports of several shots being fired at the lonestar college. that's on the north side of houston, texas.
10:54 am
we do not have a lot of of information for you at this point, but we've been watching our internal feed here and seen a couple of stretchers brought out from the building. we-- it's coming to us from our affiliate there in houston. you can see that many emergency responders have rushed to the scene, again, this is lonestar college, the north side of houston, this is north harris county branch of the sheriff's department that has responded there to reports of shots being fired. we pray that this is not a school shootings of the magnitude that we've seen recently and we'll bring you as many details as we have them, as soon as they come into our news room, we'll watch this closely. well, we have an incredible story for you now of bravely and a 14-year-old boy survives a real life horror story.
10:55 am
james with his little sister started with a woman banging at their front door, forcing him to spring into action. despite being home alone and armed only with a small hunting knife. trace gallagher is live in los angeles with more, what do we know, trace. >> reporter: that kid you saw that, the 14-year-old was charged with watching his two younger siblings, his dad running to pick up his fiancee, a couple of miles across town and james heard someone banging on the door, listen to him. >> i opened the door and she asked me if my parents are home, i told her no, and then she's like, well, a guy just kidnapped me and is going to try to kill me. >> reporter: so, he lets the college student inside, and told everyone they need to get in the bathroom. telling the siblings to get inside the bathtub and told his 11-year-old sister to call 911 and james grabbed the phone and called his dad. he told-- quickly and then he heard more
10:56 am
banging on the door. listen. >> i heard banging, and he was screaming, let me in. and then, kind of went wild. >> reporter: yeah, the suspect went quiet because he was pouring gasoline on the house and that's him right there and then lit it and luckily, dad and the cops pulled up at about that time. dad was able to some p out the fire, but at first the cops thought that dad was the intruder, listen to dad. >> the cop had drawn his gun and told me to freeze. i had let him know right away, i'm the father and this is my house. >> wow, he was able again to put out the fire and they went inside and the cops straightened it out and everybody was fine and they took the girl, the victim to the hospital and you saw the mug shot. they caught the suspect and james person iiiailed as a genuine hero. the right thing, he was scared, but did the right thing, alisyn.
10:57 am
>> alisyn: what a terrifying story, but what a self-possessed kid. that's a great outcome, thanks so much, trace. >> reporter: okay. >> alisyn: we're continuing to following breaking developments now of that shooting on a college campus in texas. we're going to have a live report for you right after the break. and a dangerous cold snap is gripping the nation as record breaking snow slammed parts of the country and causing scenes like this. this, you're about to see, a nearly 100 vehicle pileup. janice dean is going to explain how long this brutal weather will stick around and plus, on the heels of president obama's second inauguration there's a growing sense that big government is now in. the president reagan's government is the problem mindset is out. is that true? we're going to ask michael reagan all about that. >> to serve protect and defend. >>
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> welcome back, folks, the this is a fox news alert and
11:01 am
the kind of news we hate to bring to you. reports that multiple people have been shot at a school in houston, texas, a brand new hour of "america live" alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. we're hearing reports of several shots being fired in the area of the library at lonestar college. let's go live now, trace gallagher who is in our west coast news room with more details, what do we know, trace? >> reporter: these are areas of the s.w.a.t. team getting ready and north houston, as you said lonestar, and these as in all early moments of campus shooting and the information has not been confirmed by police, but may be many as two or three victims, gunshot victims and reporting they heard multiple gunshot wound. on the website of lonestar college, by the way, comes with six different campuses in
11:02 am
and around the houston area, with 90,000 some total students and we don't know the population this have exact campus. when we get that we'll find out, but they have posted on the campus website, telling all students and faculty to shelter in place. which means, you do not go out and you do not come on the campus if you're off campus. as you look at these s.w.a.t. team members gathering around there are reports that one person might be in custody and i stress might. we did see a low cal report of a man face down on the ground and looking for a second suspect. again, not confirmed. we have sent producers and correspondents to the scene and plan to have much more, but again, keep m mind, in the early going, a lot of the information is very fluid, the local affiliate just getting on the scene and police way too busy to get on the phone with us to get in on the details and in north houston, this is an all hands on deck
11:03 am
education, with reportedly three people shot and one person taken into custody and searching for another person, as crews kind of go in and around the university, wondering if a second gunman may still be on campus. we're going to get some more information, ali, as we get to we'll be back. >> alisyn: yeah, trace, you and i have reported on far too many of the school shootings, it's sickening, what we know at the beginning ends up at the end of these things not necessarily to match, but what we saw monitoring the internal feed from the local affiliate. we saw stretchers, no word how badly people are or how many are injured. but as we said north harris is on lockdown, faculty and staff are advised to take immediate shelter where you are, that's the emergency alert that went out to everyone on this north harris campus. again, all we know are that
11:04 am
emergency responders are there. but we have some precious few details. >> reporter: if i might, if you look at the picture on the left side of the screen, this is the good or the at least semi encouraging because you have police officers kind of roaming in the center square of the college right there and they do not seem to be appearing as if someone were inside armed. so, either this thing is in the process of winding down, it's over, whatever has happened, but you can see right here on the right-hand side they're bringing somebody out. it appears to be on a stretcher this. again, we have not confirmed the number of victims in this, so we don't want to get any wild speculation going, but we've heard three. we're going to stick with that until we get confirmation from police, but just the actions of police officers on scene and the comings and goings would tend to give you at least the assumption that they believe whatever was happening inside. now, you see students leaving. so these again are live
11:05 am
pictures from ktrk, students leaving the building with their hands up and another indication that they believe it's at least safe to get people off the campus and to get people on the campus so they can either continue their search or they can continue with their investigation. and we can get more information exactly how many were involved in this. >> alisyn: you're right, trace, we don't know how many people were inside at the time. if in fact there were shots fired in there, some local media confirming it, but we see the people, these scenes again, just all too familiar and all too sickening of people having to run out of the school with hands on their head during an evacuation of some time much the police presence does look different and feels different we don't see yet or maybe it's our vantage point, an s.w.a.t. team with all of their riot gear on having to go in. maybe that suggests that someone is in custody, but we just don't know yet. >> as you look at this thing
11:06 am
online, ali. this is a big complex, this is a vast complex, so, not to jump to conclusions, this might be a total different side of the complex they're evacuating now. clearly, ktrk and kiv are trying it do their best to get the best advantage point where this happened, but in the early stages nobody knows. so they could be focusing on a separate side of a very large college complex when what we're looking at is a different side. there's the yellow tape there on the tree is an indicator that this is likely the spot, or a spot that they are investigating or something happened behind that crime tape. and the fact that the police officer kind of milling in front of that is another encouraging sign, but again, we've learned so many times to jumping to conclusion gives us nothing. at this point, it appears that there was a crime behind that yellow tape, but beyond that, we just don't have enough to go on. >> alisyn: no, you're absolutely right. we're just monitoring it in real time, of course, as we
11:07 am
always have to do with these horrible events. so, in case you're just joining us, let me bring you up to speed. there apparently has been a shooting at a school. it's lonestar college on the north side of houston, texas. perhaps we can listen in to some of the audio, i don't know if it's from the chopper there, of them monitoring the scene. there's no chopper audio right now, the pictures are coming to us courtesy of our affiliates there. we understand that there are responders from the local sheriff's department, and police department that are on sce scene. and the pilot of what he sees. well, what we know right now is that emergency alert went out to students and faculty at 12:52 local time, where it's north harris, that's the location of this campus. north harris is locked down. students, faculty and staff
11:08 am
are advised to take immediate shelter where you are, do not enter the campus until notified further. we have seen students, it appears, coming out with their hands on their head as part of an evacuation. and as we're looking at, there you see the evacuation, that's taped on the right. that happened just a few moments ago on the right side of your screen and you see some of the evacuation and you see faculty on the left side of the screen, i believe that's live where our affiliate choppers are hovering to see what they can see. we do not have confirmed reports of injuries, but we've seen stretchers leaving this seen and trace, you heard one report of possibly someone in custody. >> possibly. and we saw a picture of local affiliates where someone was on the ground face down, handcuffed. now, that could be cautionary. i mean, that could be someone who they believe may have been involved so we don't want to jump ahead, but we're hearing reports of somebody, a suspect
11:09 am
in a red shirt being the person they were looking for, so, it may comport. we're just waiting to find out from the authorities if in fact this is a situation where they believe the gunman, one, is in custody and right now, if you look at the behavior of the first responders, and you can see the students kind of wandering around there. it would seem to be that the sense of urgency has lessened from what it was just seven or eight minutes ago when you saw s.w.a.t. teams kind of running in towards the building and now you have this scene where you have students that are walking out, casually, not running, mind you. you had some where they had their hands up in the air which has become standard operating procedure for anybody leaving the scene of a shooting. it now appears as if, is they believe the danger level at least coming from within the school seems to have lowered, but until we have confirmation from authorities, that's just a best guess and looking at
11:10 am
dozens of these types of scenes over the years. >> alisyn: oh, trace, we have a little bit more information right now. this is coming from khou, the affiliate there in houston, texas monitoring the situation, it looks as though responders are taking out, someone out possibly on a stretcher there, but again, fox news has not been able to confirm this with you khou local affiliate says one person is detained, one possibly still on the loose, possibly. the person detained was also possibly shot. three people, the local affiliate is saying were shot inside the library here on the north harris county branch of lonestar college. other nearby schools are in lockdown, as is this school right now, and there are several different police agencies and police departments responding, as we can see here, they would have dispatched the local sheriffs and the police departments and many hands on deck in these
11:11 am
horrible situations as possible. trace, what are you seeing on your end. >> reporter: we're seeing pretty much the same thing and the reports-- one is shot-- one is taped, my apologies, on the right-hand side, but a live shot on the left-hand side and the police officers, makes sense what you're saying about the library, our understanding that's the yellow tape kind of surrounding what we saw earlier the library on the other side and that's where we believe the victims were shot. now, we're getting a report that victims were shot in the leg, which a horrifying scenario, less probably the lesser of many evils, getting reports that victims were shot in the leg, again, unconfirmed. all police departments and s.w.a.t. teams did respond to this. harris county, those who know the houston area, is in the northern part of the city, and this college, who those who know lonestar college, knows
11:12 am
it's a complex of since different colleges. it's unclear exactly what they teach there, but apparently also has a large online presence. it's unclear, again, how many students were on campus here, but system-wide there are some 90,000 students that attend lonestar college, either online or in person and so now, we'll find out exactly how many were campus on this day and what the relationship might have been between the shooter, was he a student and was he somebody else, and the numbers are always foggy in the early going and we're waiting to find out from the authorities on the ground exactly what we're dealing with here in terms of suspected victims. >> trace, you know, once again, it's a disclaimer for anyone watching and listening right now. you and i are getting this information real time as it comes into the news room and we're trying to piece together the scant information that we have, but we do know that there has been a situation, appears to be a school shooting at the north harris
11:13 am
campus of the lonestar college in houston, texas, faculty and staff have been advised to take immediate shelter wherever they are, we've seen some people evacuated and i'll tell you, trace, it's just a commentary, a terribly sad commentary on our current climate when we hear initial reports of three students shot, possibly in the leg, that we take comfort in that after what we've witnessed reisn'tly, of course, in newtown and other places. but again, we are-- let's listen in, trace, for a second because we understand that our affiliate kirv is hovering over the scene and possibly on location, and listen to what they're talking about. >> indicates to us, this is among students, this shooting incident that unfolded. when we last showed you a view of that building where the active scene is taking place, we don't know what's going on inside there have, but students will be moved away with their hand over their
11:14 am
heads, some of them running. very dramatic scene. we also saw law enforcement with guns drawn moving into that building very quickly. local schools, nimitz high school, nimitz middle school on lockdown, other local schools, confirming which ones. >> i want to bring in now, don clark, former houston fbi, a member-- a former member of the houston fbi, don, you're a wonderful resource here at fox 26. have you been hearing any additional reports of what's going on here at lonestar college or can you add any information to this? >> well, i have not, and recently, but looking at this and what little bit that i've heard so far, it sound like that it can be something that gang related, somebody that's challenging someone else, that's causing this type of activity. >> don, i also want to ask, i mean, in situations like this,
11:15 am
we've got parents that are watching possibly right now on their lunch break, horrified it attendance lonestar college or their child attendance nimitz high school or middle school or one of the schools in the area. what do you recommend or tell them? >> well, first of all shall i think it's pretty difficult to tell the parents don't do anything and stay where you are, as the case may be. >> right. >> having said that, i think the parents have to realize that they need to try to get in touch, contact with some entity at the school and hopefully, when this type of thing takes -- is thought to happen, that the school will have some emergency facility that people can call immediately and at least get some instructions. and those types of things will help the parents and will hopefully put the parents in a direction so that they don't find themselves travelling into that area to pick up their loved ones and the kids that they love and find themselves into a tougher
11:16 am
situation. >> right. that's a very good point you made there. i also want to mention, speaking of local school, four schools are on lockdown, nimitz high school and nimitz middle school. all the isd's, if you're a parent of one of the students there, they're on lockdown, and don, formerly from the houston fbi, a good point. give the school a call, is that what parents typically do, don't approach the scene that could be unsafe for you. don, i also want to ask you, we're seeing just a huge law enforcement presence here. >> alisyn: all right. we've been listening in to the local coverage from kriv, our affiliate there in houston and again, we know that the north harris campus of lonestar college is on lockdown right now after an apparent school shooting there. we don't have many details weeks getting them in real time for you. as we get them into our news
11:17 am
room, but we understand from another affiliate there that one person has been detained and one person is possibly still on the loose. three people, we're told, were shot inside the library hereof lonestar college, again, the north harris campus. other schools, you just heard from the local affiliate this, many of the schools in the area are also on lockdown. several police departments are responding. now, you just heard a fbi agent there saying that his information, he didn't say where, what his source was, was that this was possibly gang related. let's bring in now ken trump, on the phone, the president of national school safety services. ken, thanks for joining us. >> hi, ali. >> alisyn: this must make you feel as sick hearing about this as it does us reporting it because these are happening all too frequently. when you look at the images that are coming into our news room of the aerial shots over this campus and you see kids running out with their hands on their heads being evaluated.
11:18 am
what does through your mind? >> well, i think about our conversations, multiple conversations about a month ago with sandy hook and sadly it's d deja vu all over again, as the saying goes. and with response, and lockdowns, mass notification to parents, lockdown of public schools in the area. and these are all of the things that we expect to see. we wish we didn't see them, but we do know that there's a common response, a standard response and increasingly practiced across the country and that the schools unfortunately like anywhere else out there, society has to be prepared for these types of incidents. that's the situation that we know that can happen again and quite frankly, probably will happen again. and parents, parents want to know and other parents want to know, number one, what steps the schools have in place to prevent these shootings. and number two, how well
11:19 am
prepared are they to respond. are they working with law enforcement? do they have crisis teams, will they eventually have mental health services that kick in. are they communicating effectively, have mass parent notification systems, are they working with the media. all of these nuts and bolts things, ali are things we train schools to be prepared to engage very quickly because you can't start developing your crisis plan in the middle of the crisis. >> alisyn: let me interrupt you there, as we're watching an aerial view, it appears that somebody being led out on a stretcher right now, frankly hard for me to see from my vantage point, but appears that they're not rushing, the emergency responders are not running towards an ambulance, they're walking rather carefully, with the stretcher. we had seen a couple of other stretchers coming out of the school. you know, we've heard, again, we have not been able to confirm this, the initial reports say that three people were shot inside the library,
11:20 am
and i mean, just to your point. this is a sad, new reality that schools are getting better and better prepared for this. in fact, the emergency alert e-mail that went out to all faculty and students, just about an hour ago said in part, lonestar college has been committed to providing a safe environment in which to study, learn and work, we are better prepared for an emergency thanks to the many men and women here to serve you. and that tells me they've gone through drills and practice like this in the event, you know, that you always hope you'll never have to encounter of something terrible like this happening on campus. >> each one of these nen incidents, we learn, we adapt, we fine tune things we teach school officials. the good news is that we're getting better at preventing
11:21 am
incidents. there have been a number of thwarted plots across the country, 2000 to 2010 i documented more than 120 plots, threats, largely in schools, where thanks to school security, police, administrators, teachers well trained. the bad news, we're dealing with human behavior. we're also dealing with a society with all of the economic and societal ills and lone wolf actor, hard to predict the lone wolf, a person who could walk in off campus, we don't know if that's the case here. our challenge today is particularly with the outsider, the non-student, maybe a former disgruntled employee, someone, former students, whatever the case may be, someone is not necessarily actively engaged in a school setting on a
11:22 am
day-to-day basis, how do you predict and prevent it, whether or not they're there every day. >> of course, that's sadly the challenge for so many school administrators around the country now. let he me teme tell you the new information. this comes from a lonestar student. somebody on campus in the north harris building when this happened. his name is mark sargosa just gave an interview to our local affiliate who says that he ended up having to attend, medically, to two of the victims that he saw on campus and then he said that he heard one of them turned out to be the shooter. trace gallagher is in our news room with more, what do we know? >> reporter: and the thing is, mark expounded on what you're saying. we're hearing that the the shooting didn't happen in the library, but in the admin building behind the library, and that the shooter actually fled into the library, and
11:23 am
saragosa telling a local affiliate that he-- he was rendering aid to two victims and one of them happened to be the suspect. he says that he and somebody else actually grabbed the suspect, and helped him outside, by the way, was not arm at the time. he describes the person as a black male, about 5 feet or 5-9. helped him outside and that's when police told them to drop him, and that's when they handcuffed him right there. so, that's the story he's telling us, is that two people, he gave aid to in the admin building, the shooter then fled to the library and that's where he gave aid to the shooter, and aid to the other person. again, we still do not have the condition of anybody who was shot. we were hearing three. he accounted for two of them in his first person account of what happened there, but we just got off the phone with the authorities and they're telling us they're not confirming anything until their harris county
11:24 am
authorities get on scene and can evaluate the situation to give us the proper information, but our first kind of eyewitness account coming from the student who was inside at the time. yes, shots were fired, yes, at least two people were hit. he believes one of them may have been the suspect. as we get more we'll bring it to you, ali. >> alisyn: that's an incredible first person account of, again, that student that you just talked about, mark saragosa inadvertently aiding a person he now believes to be the shooter. he tonight know, saw somebody hurt and went to their aid and then police later told him that it was the suspect. again, if you're just joining us, let us bring up to speed on what little we know. though we've been monitoring this now for about 20 minutes, there has been a school shooting, it was at lonestar county, north harris campus. that campus is now on lockdown, an emergency e-mail alert went out to students and faculty at 12:52 p.m. local
11:25 am
time that told them to take immediate shelter wherever they were and not to move around the campus and not to enter or leave the campus until is further notification. and we then saw students and faculty emergency situation with their hands on their heads coming out of one of the exits. we understand that there was a shooting in the admin building, which is behind the library. there are some reports that three people were shot. there are some reports that one of those was the gunman himself. i'm going to bring in now, former fbi agent bill daley on the phone. bill, i know you've been monitoring this as well. what are your thoughts. >> well, first of all, having conducted reviews with security and college campuses i can tell you they are very different from those that we talk about in high schools and grammar schools. and even in light of the tragic at sandy hook, we had heard that they had locked down their facility. they had locks on the doors and buzzers that were actually circumvented by the perpetrator who broke through.
11:26 am
the college campus is very different, usually very open, very fluid. people coming in and out of the campus, may or may not be students. it can be former students, a variety of issues that may affect people, the individual or individuals who perpetrated this shooting. one very positive thing, i think, that came out of the tragedy in virginia tech, a lot of colleges visited those emergency plans, those things you just mentioned alisyn with regard to sending out alerts and notifying people to stay where they are, lockdown campus to allow security and police to respond to the location of the incident. and also, keep other people out of harm's way. so, i think in a very positive light we're seeing some of that manifest itself in the messages that you said were transmitted not too long ago. however, as we found out in previous cases it's very early in this reporting of the incident to really know what those facts are. a fact pattern coming from someone who claims to be there on sight, it sounds and
11:27 am
appears from what your description is, that that, is that now not an immediate rush to surround or take a particular building which may be a good sign at this point, that perhaps the incident has come and gone and now a matter of going in and finding out what happened and treating those people who are injured. >> alisyn: we're getting a little bit more information about lonestar college ap the north harris campus, the community college, two year school. about 28,000 undergraduate students attend there, 65% of them are part-time. there are about 282 professors there. we have no idea how many students were inside or on campus when these shots were fired. the campus literally fits outside the george h.w. bush international airport. and it's focused on leading edge technology. again, bill, i thought what you were saying was interesting. the security on campus makes sense and by definition so
11:28 am
much less than in a grammar school or high school, because we're looking at the aerial shots from our affiliates chopper hovering overhead and you can see how many wide open spaces there are. you can't lock every door, that would be gridlock. >> and also screening people coming on to the campus not just for a matter of who they are, but whether or not they're carrying any weapons or anything like that would be extremely challenging. that's why he they rely so much on the emergency notification systems and have the people stay in place as they try to resolve the cases that have occurred in the past and tragically have taken many lives. so, i think in this case, we're seeing something unfold that sounds as though they're responding promptly, that the college had put together an emergency plan, that they've enacted and it sounds as though in surrounding areas, other schools shall not knowing what's happening, have done likewise, where they're now walking down, perhaps high school, elementary schools
11:29 am
surrounding the area just on the off chance that this was not just an individual coming on to the campus, but part of some larger plan. i think that was smart and wise to do and we hope we would see that kind of recoiled back and walked back in the next hour or so, which gives an indication that they feel as though this incident may have been has come and gone and what exactly happened. >> alisyn: bill, as you're speaking, we're watching an overhead aerial shot from the chopper, of lots of people standing around and sort of grouping around and these, just, just so disturbingly renis sent of the newtown shooting where parents, obviously, were kept at bay by police and sheriff's deputies because they didn't want parents rushing in and seeing the aftermath while they were still trying it figure out what happened. obviously, you can imagine, this emergency e-mail went out to all 28,000 students on campus and obviously some of their parents and you can imagine that it's a local
11:30 am
community college, families must be rushing to the scene there to try to see if their loved ones are okay. you can see all of the emergency response cars that are lining the streets leading up here to lonestar college, we have an interesting report from someone who claims to have been pa witness. his name is kyle. he just gave an interview to our local affiliate and he and his friend are driving by. they say 50 police race past them going very fast and they had to pull over and saw there were people being pulled from the school on stretchers, and that jibes with what we saw and monitoring the feed to the news room. we did see people pulled out on stretchers. this kyle, witness, reports seeing blood all over their legs which again also concurs with what trace gallagher and i had heard about the injuries. stand by for one second. i want to bring trace gallagher back in.
11:31 am
trace, again, you said that you had heard some of the victims were shot in the legs? >> reporter: yeah, that was one of the reports, victims were shot in the legs, ali. we just got off the phone with the hospital and now we're hearing that these two victims came in with multiple gunshot wounds, did not say where those wounds were, but multiple gunshot wounds is the reported quote from that. we're also getting some other eyewitness testimony coming in from people who witnessed this, saying it was unlike other school shootings where someone walked in and began shooting. they believe this may have begun as a fight and that two people were arguing in the hallway near the admin building behind the library, when they started shooting at each other. and there are reports that a teacher somehow got caught in the cross fire. and you can remember the first witness, this mark saragosa saying he was treating someone he thought was a suspect who he claimed had been shot. if you put that into the mix
11:32 am
and you have other eyewitness testimony saying they believe that these were people who were arguing in a hallway and then began firing at each other, then you start to put the pieces of the puzzle a little bit closer together. again, this has not been confirmed because harris county says they're not confirming anything until they get their spokesman on scene and he can assess the situation, but from the eyewitness accounts now coming into the local newspaper there and local affiliate. this is turning out to be, or at least apparently turning out to be something of a fight that was inside the school with two people who had guns. we are now also hearing, we mentioned one suspect, we're hearing that police are looking-- you can see on the left-hand side of your screen there, there are some woods near the school, that police are looking in those woods for a potential second suspect. and that's now where the focus of this is because apparently the other suspect, if you will, ran out of the school and ran into the woods and now
11:33 am
we're told that police are securing the campus, at the same time looking in the woods for a potential second suspect. so this would kind of, if true, alleviate some of the fears that somebody was going in targeting people, maybe this turns out to be unlike recent school shootings where it's two people who broke into an still unclear if there is in fact a third suspect. the reports are fairly consistent saying that three people were shoot as to who those three people are and the third person might be very unclear, ali, we'll stay on the tracker scan and get back to you with more. >> alisyn: thanks, trace. just it recap what we know so far, there's been a school shooting at lonestar college heroes county. apparently next to the george h.w. bush international airport. obviously, houston is one of the busiest airports and flown in and out of there and maybe seen the campus before.
11:34 am
there are about 28,000 undergraduate students, who attend lonestar college and we have no idea how many were on campus this afternoon when there were shots fired beau we know there was an emergency alert e-mail spent out to every student and cafaculty member and harris college locked down. immediately take shelter where you are, do not enter the campus until notified further. we saw students and faculty being evacuated and also saw people taken away on stretchers. mark smith is the public relations officers and administrator for harris counties emergency operation. and mark, thanks for being here. >> what do we know. >> i can add details for you. our agencies transported three to the hospitals in houston and one of our level one
11:35 am
trauma centers and also to houston northwest medical center. from what i understand was, in talking with our dispatch personnel, one of our neighboring agencies, cyprus creek e.m.s. also transported an individual to northwest as well. so-- >> and mark, do you know what their injuries were? >> i don't know specifically the injuries, no. you know, unfortunately i'm not on scene, i'm working out of our dispatch center which is approximately 15 minutes away from the scene. you know, from what i understand that there have been several gunshots, but, you know, i can't confirm that specifically. >> alisyn: mark, we're getting information from a local affiliate there that three people were shot inside the library or the administration building. do you know if one of the people who was shot and one of the people who was taken to an area hospital was the suspect? >> unfortunately, no, i don't have that information here, no, i'm sorry. >> alisyn: mark, what can you tell us about how the college,
11:36 am
lonestar college would have been prepared for something like this? >> well, you know, i can't really speak to the college itself. you know, from an e.m.s. perspective, which is our agency, you know, we do occasionally train in what they call active shooter drill. as a matter of fact, i can't remember specifically which hospital, but we participated in an active shooter drill at one of the hospital facilities here recently. so, you know, there are certain types of drills that you can go through in order to be better prepared for this. and you know, unfortunately, these types of situations, you know, we deal with on a regular basis, as far as you know, general trauma being in e.m.s., but you know, situation of this magnitude, you know, all you can do is prepare and then hope that you never have to use the training. >> alisyn: it is just sadly, it seems to be a new reality
11:37 am
that schools are getting better trained and doing it more frequently. we're watching overhead view of, it looks like clusters of police officers and sheriff's deputies, apparently having a meeting or talking or doing something. i don't know if you can see the same video that i can, it's coming from ktrk, an affiliate in houston and it looks like there are dozens and dozens of emergency vehicles that have responded. do you have a sense of how many agencies are on the scene right now? >> i know for a fact the harris county sheriff's office son the scene and our e.m.s. agency is on the scene and like i said, one of the neighboring agencies, cyprus creek and several of the fire departments in the area have responded with some units. as far as every unit that's there, i really don't have a good feel for that. >> alisyn: okay, well, no problem. mark, we thank you for your time and for shedding some light on this catastrophe that's unfolding in houston.
11:38 am
stick around if you can. we want to take kriv local affiliate in houston, interviewing a local witness. >> multiple people-- >> i really don't know. >> did it sound like one weapon. >> yeah, it did sound like one weapon. >> what was the reaction of the other students around you when that happened? >> some people were crying, some people were screaming. and you know, other people were on the phone already. i was trying to call for a ride, but then the phone locked up, nobody could call out. so even more chaos because you weren't able to find a way to get a hold of anybody to let them know you're okay. >> and kathy, for someone who has not been on that campus, what year of a student are you there? >> this is actually my first year. >> this is your first year. and you've been to the library, i'm sure. can you lay that out for us? 'cause what we're hearing right now, they're combing, law enforcement, combing the library. heard they've cleared the first floor, the second floor and possibly moving to the third floor. can you lay that ought for us
11:39 am
and paint that picture of what that library looks like? >> well, if you're walking in the library the bottom is pretty much with the director's offices and when you go up the next layer and you're just basic books of what you need. and it has maybe a couple of study areas and the top for reference books. that's pretty much it. it's just really a basic library. >> and was it, in your opinion, do you think that person or from what you were able to gauge, that person who may have been firing those shots been moved to the library because they were chose, they were in that direction? >> hard to say. i think everybody was already getting ready to go to class because at 12:30, that's when most of the other classes start, so-- >> the person that may have fired the weapon, do you think, were they close enough to the library though they could have maybe taken cover in that building when law enforcement showed up, do you think. i have no idea. >> no idea. >> how many buildings you could jump.
11:40 am
>> could be any one of them. >> jump to the right like t science or to the library or to academic. >> when you went to leave the campus, how many students would you say were in that area. >> a lot because then you have the students sticking around and trying to be look and see what happened. there was a couple of those there, but the majority of us, we left. we did not want to stick around. >> is this something that you would ever anticipate would have happened on the lonestar colle campus? >> no, it's such a good school and it's not a big school so you really feel like you're at home. and you just, i mean, i live literally blocks away from lonestar so it was really scary, i never would have thought it would have happened. >> reporter: do your parents live in the area, were they concerned? were you able to contact them? >> no, because i actually got my phone locked up, but
11:41 am
they're worried and i still probably have to call them here in a minute. they left more than three hours away in victoria, texas so i'm sure they're very concerned. >> we'll let you go so you can make the call to your parents because it's so important to us. kathy rodriguez, a first year student at lonestar college, a witness gunshots, several gunshots fired as she was waiting for class to begin. thank you, and please be safe. i want to recap-- >> all right we've been listening into our affiliate kriv in houston talking about the aftermath of an apparent school shooting at campus of lonestar college and the young student shall the first year, kathy rodriguez you heard her talking how she really needs to get in touch with parents. this is a scene that you can imagine is so terrifying for the parents of the 28,000 undergraduate students that we know go to lonestar college. and there are also 282 professors that work there, we have no idea how many were on
11:42 am
campus at 12:52 today when the emergency alert e-mail went out and saying that the faculty and staff had to immediately take cover. let's go to trace gallagher monitoring from our west coast bureau, what more do we know, trace. >> reporter: i think it's important to go down the checklist of too exactly what we know in this scenario, a report 48 minutes, 45 minutes ago, a shooting in harris area. those who know houston know it's close to george bush international airport. there was a gunman on campus we reported at least one and now we're hearing from no fewer than three eyewitnesses that this apparently involved at least one, possibly two gunmen and it was a fight apparently toward each other when an argument broke out in a hallway he hine the library and the suspects either fired one at two other people or fired at each other and one
11:43 am
student says he gave medical aid to two different victims and one victim also happened to be a suspect and when he and another friend carried that suspect outside, the police told him to drop him and they handcuffed the first suspect. now, keep in mind we just got off the phone with harris county authorities and they have now said that this remains an active shooter situation. if you look at the demeanor of the cops who are on campus right now, it doesn't appear to be an active situation, but then again, there are other reports saying that police in the woods directly behind the campus are looking for a suspect gunman in this. we've gotten confirmation that there are three patients at a local hospital who have multiple gunshot wounds, we do not know where they were shot. we know they are in surgery and that at least one other report says they were shot in the legs. again, unconfirmed because the sheriff's authorities are now just getting on scene, but as we get more information coming in, we'll kind of keep
11:44 am
continuing going down that checklist. that's what we have heard so far. the authorities again, have not confirmed anything except the fact that it's an active shooter situation, there are definitely patients in the hospital right now with multiple gunshot wounds and they are still looking for a second suspect. alisyn. >> trace, thank you for wrapping all of that up for us. again, we are-- you are watching live feed from lonestar college and this is in north harris campus in houston and as trace just told us, there are reports that three people were shot and one of them may have been the gunman himself. we do know from a witness that he was giving aid and some medical attention to someone he thought was a victim who he says turned out to be the shooter and police told him was the shooter and there was a shooting, again, in the library, or the administration building, these are the initial reports, you know, it's so hard to know exactly
11:45 am
what's happening in the fog of breaking news, sometimes later details don't mesh with what we first heard. at the moment what we've heard from witnesses are that the victims appear to have been shot in the legs and we saw several people being taken out of some of the campus buildings on stretchers, and we do know from the public information officer of harris county, that hospitals did receive several victims of gunshot wounds. he did not know if one of them was the shooter, nor did he know if there was still another shooter on the loose. as trace just pointed out when you're looking at the left side of your screen, the police don't appear to be taking cover, but again, this is just, these are just small clusters of emergency responders hard to tell what's going on in the woods that surround this campus and whether or not there are lots of other police officers and s.w.a.t. team members who are still looking for another shooter. again, we heard from a student
11:46 am
who witnessed all of the gunfire and she talked about hearing shots fired and then hearing witnesses crying and some desperately trying to make phone calls on their phones and she said, you know, as we hear from so many witnesses and victims during situations like this, you just never think it's going to happen at your campus because it's such a place that felt like home as she described. let's listen to kathy rodriguez. >> it was pretty ugly. i actually just walked into class and as i was putting my books down, that's when i heard the shots and i mean, once you hear something like that, it just, it gets you. so we grabbed our-- we grabbed our things fixing to run out and running out and heard the screaming and stampede of feet of everybody running towards, you know, the exit, everybody was running, to leave. you can just hear, oh, it was chaotic, it was very scary. >> alisyn: yeah, chaotic and
11:47 am
scary. let's bring in now congressman woman sheila jackson lee, she represents the district in texas where lone star college is located. are you with us. >> i am. >> alisyn: what kell tell us about what's unfolding at lone star college now. >> well, first, i think that everybody should be concerned about those who are victims and also the students and we heard from the students and i can imagine the fear and apprehension, maybe panic, this is a tranquil community college, a place i've been on occasion to speak to faculty and students. and this is place of learning and at this moment i'm reaching out to the leadership, but i do know on the campus, i do know they're probably on lockdown. what we've heard of course that it is still an active shooting situation where
11:48 am
there's there's no finality who the shooter was. certainly there are victims and people have been injured and some suggestion that something else, a more dire may have occurred, but i hesitate to be able to fully confirm all until i reach out and actually, i'm in contact with the leadership there. i will do that of course, once i finish this call. i'm on the floor of the house now and my staff in houston called and we started getting these messages almost in time certain. but again, this is a college campus, it's trance quill area in a wooded area in harris county. a great diversity and you have the students who are working in school and getting the
11:49 am
first chance, opportunity at college. i'm sad to hear that this kind of incident may have happened. interestingly enough, i was in a youth gun prevention summit just a few minutes ago, just speaking about gun security and gun safety and that's when i began to hear the reports that guns had been fired at the lone star college, which by the way has many campuses. right now we're waiting to confirm and i'm reaching out to the sheriff's office as we speak and also the leadership of lone star campus. >> alisyn: congresswoman how sadly ironic, you were in a conference trying to deal with this very problem when you started getting reports from your home district that there had been yet another school shooting. we understand that this emergency alert went out 12:52 p.m. local time and part of what it said, which i think speaks to what you just said, it said, lone star college is committed to providing a safe environment.
11:50 am
we are better prepared for an emergency thanks to the many men and women here to serve you. that tells me they've had some of these emergency drills because in this climate every school has to be prepared sadly for something like this. you're absolutely right. lone star is prappropriately prepared. not only because the campus is so large, 200 acres and a number of different sites, but they do have courses for firefighters and for first responders such as law enforcement, you're able to come and get additional courses or prepare yourself for those professions and they're sensitive and focus on technology. but you can never assess what happens with a combination of individuals that are disturbed or determined to do harm and have a gun. and so, again, this is not a time to speak to policy.
11:51 am
i want it speak specifically for the lives and safety of those and then i want it again, let us go back to finding a way to cease these kinds of incidents on our campuses on adults to learn, whether it be a college campus, whether it be an elementary school, middle school or high school, whether it be our community. we've got to find a way to cease gun violence. >> alisyn: yes, of course, we understand your position on that. we understand there are 28,000 undergraduate students to. >> yes. >> alisyn: lone star college, the north harris campus. as you said many of them are commuters or part-time communities, 65% in are part-time and we doesn't know how many professors were on campus when the shots rang out, but we heard from witnesses how terrifying it was, there were people crying. she described a stampede and there was another student who
11:52 am
witnessed several people injured or at least two i should say a couple of people injured and he stopped to help them. he stopped to try to care for them as best he can. he wasn't a doctor, he was a student and he later found out from the police that one of them was actually the suspect. have you heard from any of the local hospitals in your district as to how many people are being treated? >> that we don't have and again, my office, my district office trying to get as much information as possible. and here in washington, i am reaching out to the leadership on campus. i expect some will be able to respond and be able to give some assessment and then the local law enforcement as well and my next immediate step is to get the calls returned, on the active shooter situation. >> alisyn: we appreciate it. the last question to you, we understand this e-mail alert went out to 12:52 and it said
11:53 am
harris is locked down. do not enter the campus until notified further. we heard from the public information officer that now, schools and administrators do have to be trained in active shooter drills and it sounds like the emergency alert system worked well. it went out right as soon as the gunshots were fired, the emergency alert went out, so that parents or students or people not on campus and professors were able to stay where they were and to know that something bad was going down. it's cold comfort that the emergency system is working, we wish that it didn't have to work and wish this didn't have to go out. but again, i guess that's the silver lining from so many of these incidents happening over the past decade that now schools know how to do it. >> you made an enormously valid point. we would both wish not to be speaking about the tragedy, but i think we've built now on
11:54 am
the tragedy of virginia tech and if you recall, one of the issue was notification of the campus family. campus is about-- moved quite substantially towards the notification process cannot only good, but excellent. that, i believe, would save a lot of lives which is stand down, stand in place, if you're entering the campus, do not entering the campus at this time. it gives law enforcement sort of an unvetted opportunity to be able to fine who the perpetrators are and the victims and the technology, sad they had to use it on this occasion, but i think, as you looked at in terms of the real time, that they got notice to those students and i hope and pray that those faculty, staff and students were able to shelter in place and others about to enter that campus stood down until they get further word. that is one of the ways that i
11:55 am
think we have not so much in prevention of gun violence, but certainly a response, a response is certainly very important, unfortunately, if a tragedy does occur. >> congressman sheila jackson lee we share in those prayers of yours and thank you for your time. you have lots of important calls to make, we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you for your concern? and joining us now is rod wheeler, a form d.c. homicide detective. rod, we think that this could be still an active shooter situation with some police combing the woods around lone star college north harris campus here, what have you heard? >> you're exactly right, alisyn. i was working some of my law enforcement contacts in the houston area and some new information, let me caution you not totally confirmed yet. they believe it was some kind after dispute amongst three or five individuals at the school in the library this morning. now, my sources are telling me, alisyn this was not a random shooting. apparently these individuals
11:56 am
were targeted. we don't know if that's the case yet. the individual that they're looking for, not just one person, they think it was three or four other people involved in a dispute, not necessarily shooting, involved in a dispute inside the library this morning and those are the folks they're looking for and there may still be someone out in the woods says my source, could be in woods and why they're continuing to call it an active shooter situation. >> alisyn: and rod, stick around for a second we want to listen kriv, our affiliate there, interviewing a teacher at lone star county. >> just very young and couldn't make sense of what he would be doing there with a gun. >> and where do you think this took place? was it close to the library, inside, outside? >> yes, i think it was actually ending up outside the library. there's a breezeway in that area and i think there was like six to nine shots fired.
11:57 am
>> wow. >> we were isolated, we didn't know that much what was going on. >> how many students would you say, megan, were in the area at the time. it's my understanding it was between classes. >> it was between classes, but it was close to the learning lab and so i think, you know, sometimes they hold classes there, so, you know, maybe a couple hundred, but i'm not even really sure. >> and then once you heard the students' description of what happened, then what? then did you, did you escort those students away? were you able to meet up with law enforcement? >> we called everybody we saw at the building into the office area and locked the door. >> oh, my goodness. >> and of course, they were all just in various stages of shock. and talking about it, and we were in lockdown at that point and then they told us to come on out and put nuss a certain area, we had to come out with our hands up and leave everything behind. and then just about 15 minutes ago they said we could leave
11:58 am
campus. >>. >> reporter: megyn, how long were you in the office then? >> we were in the office probably 45 minutes. >> what was going through your head during the 45 minutes? >> well, we didn't know if someone was still. >> reporter: still out there. >> people from the outside calling saying different things that had happened so we were just waiting to hear and i felt like we would be getting information which then a policeman came to the door and said come out now and go here and that's what we did. >> how long have you been teaching there at lone star college. >> 32 years. >> 32 years. >> yeah. >> what is the protocol and how has it changed over the years for a situation like this. it's really tough because there's doors everywhere and we have an evacuation that we've practiced going out, but in this type of situation, when you don't know where the danger is coming from, you kind of felt like you had to use your mind and that was protecting people in your area to lock them up. >> and did most of the doors have locks?
11:59 am
i mean, is that kind of common practice these days, if you hear something like that, you see something suspicious and you go in your office and you lock the door? >> well, yes, except the students were out in the hallway, so you couldn't just lock yourself in. you felt like you had to pull them in, too. >> reporter: we've had two students call in and i'm going to ask you the question. you've been teaching there 32 years, how much of a shock something like this would happen on campus? >> you know, you always expect this kind of thing can happen. we're a big city, but it's he so safe there. nothing, nothing happens. it's, you know, i'm sure there is he' incidents, but i've always felt safe, never felt in any danger, so it's obviously very sad. and what it will do to many of the people that witnessed this. >> reporter: and you're describing how shaken the students were. i can't imagine. where are you right now then? >> i'm driving home. >> reporter: so you were able to get to your vehicle, 'cause noi one of the students we talked to couldn't

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